Our European partner has a number of open positions!

And now you have a real possibility to become the employee of the
EuropeTrade Group company.
Also if you have a registered company in USA, then you have a good possibility to become partner of this company.
EuropeTrade Group – a leading investment company in Europe – spreads its business to US and is hiring employees for US branches. This is a brilliant opportunity to joint this company. Competitive salary and career growth is guaranteed. Number of of open positions is limited.

The most important part of your search for a new position is establishing your short and long-term goals for your career and your family. We offer comprehensive consulting services for your career development and advancement. We recognize the importance of matching you with a company that will further your personal and professional goals. We are committed to aligning ourselves with the market’s most prestigious companies who can offer the most for you. Our goal is to place you in a fast-track career opportunity where you truly love your job, have opportunities for growth and can feel the satisfaction of helping your peers & company achieve great success.

You can contact EuropeTrade HR Department for details directly. All applications will be considered within two business days.

1) Free Vacancies (for private persons): 
Positions in Portfolio Management, Money Management, Fund Management, Investment Banking and Corporate Finance.

SALARY: $170000-230000 USD/year
Employment Type: Contractor
Degree: High School
Location: Any
E-mail for private persons: career@europetradegroup.com
if you are an owner of a company or you occupy a controlling job title in one of the companies in USA, then EuropeTrade Group can offer you profitable cooperation to develop your business in USA.

Thanks to joint activity annual income of your company will reach $350.000-$500.000 USD.
EuropeTrade Group values and respects their own partners and is ready to help in solving any issues to achieve high results.
Detailed information you may get in the HR Department by e-mailHRDepartment@europetradegroup.com