Wooden flooring is a sophisticated and stunning choice when looking to remodel or redecorate your property or home. Hence it is very important to explore all the option for beautiful and attractive wood floors which is considered as a great financial investment. Hardwood floors, Plano TX can add beauty to your home environment for many years to come as it offers natural beauty, cost effectiveness, ecological choice, wide variety and ease of maintenance. Apart from oozing elegance, these floors can fit naturally into any setting and décor for accentuating any look with contemporary or traditional feel. Hardwood floors boasts timeless appeal of quality as you can enjoy the comfort of wood floors along with retaining their appeal and stylishness for many years.

Whether it is the family room, dining room or living room, hardwood floors, Plano TX is the most popular choice for majority of people since wood is considered as a practical option as it is extremely strong and durable. You can use these kinds of floorings on any part of your home including areas that are prone to spills and water because these floorings are spill and water resistant. The reason for the popularity of hardwood flooring is due to the warmth and coziness that it offers as it is more pleasurable to walk on wooden flooring since it is naturally warm. It is also an outstanding insulator as the wood consists of tiny air chambers that are responsible for holding in the heat. The longevity of these kinds of flooring can make it last for more than 35 years as it can also stay in good shape for many more years with proper care and maintenance. You also have the opportunity of customizing hardwood flooring as you can select from hundreds of species and grades of wood. You can also get it stained for changing its tone and color that can complement the interiors of your home. It is an absolutely natural product that is available in unique patterns and can be used for enhancing the overall look of your home. hardwood flooring is considered to be the most popular flooring option because it is easiest to maintain and it does not lose its spark after you add maintenance coat to the flooring every five to ten years. Aside from the beautiful appearance and durability of the hardwood floors, it also offers the benefit of permanence; authenticity and tradition of these finished wood flooring. You will not have to think about the variety of these wooden flooring as you have plenty of finishes, species, styles and colors to choose from. With the unlimited option, you will get the best floor coverings for your home as it can also complement the existing look and feel of your home. it also offers the benefits of ease of installation for which you will need to hire professional from reliable and reputed hardwood flooring services. These flooring offers better acoustics as you will get a hollow sound from the floors as it is amazing at absorbing vibrations. Therefore hardwood floors are also known as a true investment as the resale value of your home can be enhanced when you have beautiful floors at your home. These kinds of floorings can give your space a look of polish and quality along with providing a traditional appearance and warm feel to your home.

Hardwood floors, Plano TX will never go out of style because it is a popular choice among homeowners for centuries and with low maintenance you can get a kind of flooring that will last for a longer period of time. The major selling point of this flooring is the low maintenance and with weekly mopping and sweeping, you can keep your floor shinning. It also promotes indoor air quality as it does not trap dust, dirt or any kind of allergens that gets accumulated by the carpets. Therefore there is no need to replace your flooring as it will look better for a long period of time and you can refinish and restore it for getting back its original beauty. A well made hardwood floor can last for generations as these are tough and durable so that you will not have to worry about replacements.

Amongst some of the most quality hardwood flooring services is that of Plano Hardwood, found in Plano, Texas.  Check them out here at www.planohardwood.com.

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Taking Care

Do you want to improve the look of your home while increasing its value and get durability? Hardwood floors, Texas are not only environment friendly but they are also hard wearing and durable. Wood is a natural resource that is recyclable and renewable. There are some wood floors that do not need replacement, so they help the home owner to save a lot of money. They also help to increase the value of a home by hundreds of dollars. Apart from adding value, hardwood floors also add aesthetic appeal to homes. There is a wide range of wooden flooring options available to meet the taste and choice of every home owner. It is up to you to make the right decision for your home.

When you are working on a home improvement project then you would have to spend a lot of time for planning and executing the project. Even if you are hiring a professional, you would still have to give time for successful completion of the project. You cannot simply install hardwood floor units on your own but you can surely give some ideas to the flooring contractor for better results.

When you have installed hardwood floors, Texas in your home it is very important that you take extreme care for its durability and longevity. If you take care of the floor then you can expect it to last for a long time to come. However, if you do not worry about its care and maintenance then you would soon notice that its condition is worsening day by day.

So the first thing that you should do is regularly clean the floors. You should dust and sweep the floor on a regular basis in order to ensure that there is no accumulation of dust and dirt on the surface of the floor. You should use a mild anti bacterial cleaner that would keep the surface free from bacteria. You must be careful about using harsh chemicals as you would end up damaging the wooden floor surface. There are many mild cleaners available on the market that are suitable for wooden floors. Make sure that you not use wax cleaners as they will cause the wood to grow. You should also avoid using soap based cleaning agents as they will turn the wooden planks cloudy.

There are certain areas of a home that experiences heavy traffic. If you would like those floor areas to be safe from damage then you should consider placing rugs over them. The rugs will protect the floor from getting damaged due to excessive traffic. There are various kinds, styles and colors of rugs available on the market. You can choose the one that matches the interior of your home and also fits your choice.

You should also consider using furniture pads made from felt for the furniture legs. Felt pads will save the hardwood floors, Texas from deep cuts and serious scratches. If you are not careful about placing pads underneath the feet of furniture pieces then you might have scratches and cuts on the wooden surface that would be fixed and irreversible.

When there is a liquid spill on the wooden floor then you should immediately clean the surface. Water is the worst enemy of wooden products. So if water or any other liquid falls upon the wooden floor of your home then you should immediately mop and dry it. If you leave the liquid standing for a long time then it would affect the quality of the wood unit. As a result of that, the level of the floor will become uneven and the surface will turn dull.

Regular cleaning of hardwood floors, Texas not only ensures that the floor is safe from damage but also ensures that the home environment is safe. If you have kids and pets at home then it is important to clean the floor regularly to avoid bacteria buildup. Moist places are a breeding ground of microorganisms, so you must ensure that the wooden floor is not moist. There should not be any dust accumulation as it might turn out to be a problem for dust allergic members of the family. Most importantly, you should contact a professional to sand and refinish the wooden flooring units to retain its natural look and beauty.


Hardwood floors are classic, durable not to mention the fact that they have the ability to transform just any room into a warm and comfortable living space. That said hardwood floors have to be laid right otherwise they will lose their appeal and possibly wear out faster. You therefore need to get experienced professionals to lay out your wooden floors whether you are having them installed for the first time or you simply want to replace some worn out parts. If you live in Plano, North Dallas below are some quality hardwood floor Companies in Texas that offer exemplary services in your area.

1. Picasso Painting and Remodeling Company

This company has been operation for close to 25 years which really says a lot about their level of expertise where hardwood floors are concerned. Apart from installing and repairing wooden floors the company also offer other services that include but are not limited to painting, carpeting, framing, roofing, tape and bed fixing and faux finishes. The company is known to offer prompt and quality services and if previous clients’ reviews are anything to go by, you cannot go wrong with this company and you will definitely be happy with the end results.

2. A Plus Flooring

This is a new entrant in the field but the company has earned quite a reputation in the short time it has been in operation. The company specializes in flooring and services offered include hardwood flooring, carpeting, laminate flooring and tile flooring. The company works with a number of professionals in different types of flooring and you can therefore be guaranteed that with this company, your floors will be well taken care of and you can expect nothing short of the best services you can find in the market today.

3. Home Platinum Services LLC

These are experts in flooring, painting and remodeling which makes them ideal if you are looking for more than just hardwood flooring contractors. You will get a prompt reply whenever you ask for a quote and professionals in the company will guide you in the right direction if you are not so sure of the kind of hardwood flooring that would be ideal for your home. The company serves Plano and surrounding areas so you do not have to worry even if you are on the outskirts. The company is open for business every day of the week and you can get your flooring done on whatever day is convenient for you.

4. Robinson Floors

Experienced professionals, quality services, and most importantly, excellent customer care. That pretty much sums up the Robinson Floors company. If you are looking for contractors who will listen to you, understand your flooring requirements and walk with you every step of the way until all your flooring demands are met, then this is the right company for you. Having been in operation in the Plano area for a number of years, the company has been consistently offering hardwood flooring services among other services with integrity and professionalism.

5. AAC Services

This company has been in operation since 1997and has been offering quality hardwood flooring services in Plano and other locations in the North Dallas area. Other services offered by the company include roofing, remodeling, cleaning and repairs among others. You can get in touch with the company for a free quote and some guidance on the cost and all materials required when installing your hardwood floor or any other question that you may have.

6. Alpha Summit Construction

This is another one of the top rated quality hardwood floor companies in Texas and for a good reason too. The family owned company has been offering quality flooring services among other services for years now and is known to always exceed customer expectations as far as service delivery is concerned. Apart from Alpha the company also offer services in Frisco and has sub-contractors in Southlake, Fort Worth and other areas in Dallas.

7. Nadine Floors Company

Nadine Floors Company is known to offer quite a variety of flooring installation services among other services such as remodeling, countertop installation and custom designing. The company provides more than just installers and has a host of designers who will work to transform your home and ensure that you get the best out of your hardwood flooring or any other flooring for that matter. The company is quick to respond to quote requests and other questions that prospective clients may have.